19 Jan 2017

Who Else Wants Free Content, Free Leads and Free Automation?

Finding great content for your social media profiles like FaceBook or Twitter is a time-consuming process, and even more so when you are researching and writing the content yourself.

However, there are some great free tools to assist you, to help make that job much much easier. Tools that can save you time by automating your posts, gathering leads and sending good quality content to your profiles that your readers will love, all for free! 

Social Media

Here Are 3 Free Tools That Can Boost Your Productivity On Social Media.

1. Buffer

For those who have not heard of Buffer before, it is an essential time-saving tool to automate your posts to the social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.  The good news is they offer a free buffer account to get you started. 


I use this tool myself and its awesome for scheduling posts to my social media networks. Plus it has a very useful extension that can added to your browser to snip any piece of content you find online that you want to share to your social profiles.

You can easily check your social media platforms analytics via the dashboard For example, using Buffer, you can find out your followers growth and reach on the various platforms.

Get started with a free account today at buffer and begin to automate your social media. 

2. Snip.ly

Sniply is a simple tool that allows you to overlay your own custom call to action message onto any piece of content. This allows you to get on to the top sites like Mashable, Moz or any other website you desire, just by sharing your snips via social media.

What you are doing is legally hi-jacking someone else’s content, and placing your unique call to action on top of it.

What can it be used for?

Your call to action could be for anything you desire like an email sign up for your newsletter, for affiliate promotions, special offers, webinars or anything else that you want to get free leads for. It just needs to be shared on social media to be seen and did I mention it’s FREE!  The best part is, it integrates fully with buffer allowing you to make custom snips on the fly with the snip.ly browser extension for firefox and chrome. With YOUR call to action to collect free leads, using someone else’s great content. I love this tool. 


It’s easy to snip with buffer

sniply demo
sniply demo

It’s easy to snip content from around the web on the fly and get your call to action in front of many faces on the top websites like mashable. Click the buff.ly link to see my call to action for a free 30 min consultation placed on top of the Mashable article  http://buff.ly/2jQRUJ7

Test out Snip.ly for free today and start growing your brand and collecting fresh leads on autopilot.

3. Quuu.co

The final part of the 3 Free amazing tools is, Quuu.co

Quuu offer free content distribution to social media channels and it integrates fully into buffer, giving you free content delivery to send out to your free leads using snip.ly. Using these 3 tools will dramatically reduce your time spent on researching, curating ro writing new and interesting content for your social media posts and branding. See how it works below.


A free account with Quuu for life gets you

Hand curated content
Up to 2 posts per day
You can earn more by referring friends
Choose from up to 5 interest categories

You now have 3 great free tools at your disposal that will automate your social media strategy, leaving you free to do other things and grow your business.

Quuu.co also have an option to promote your own articles to their network and prices start from $10 for an audience of 10,000, many of which can include influencers in your marketplace. Click the link to start your free account today at Quuu.co


Get started with your free account on Quuu Today 

Now you have 3 great social media tools at your disposal that all integrate together that will help you to build your brand, automate your workload, and gather leads on autopilot using Snip.ly, Buffer and Quuu. So good luck with your social media marketing and if you like this post please share.