14 Dec 2016
Online Marketing & Social Media

Content Creation For Your Website


Promoting any website is a ongoing process that can take many forms of promotion and marketing.


However, there is one constant between all promotions and that is “YOU NEED FRESH CONTENT” for your website and your SEO strategy, no matter what.


“In a recent survey, writing articles and submission articles was said to be one of the most time-consuming tasks internet marketers face on a daily basis.”


It can take a lot of time to create ongoing quality content as it has to be researched correctly beforehand to ensure, it’s factual and it’s accurate.

After the content is written, the effort of submitting it many articles directories begins and this again takes time. I have found that the best to submit articles is by using syndication services.

I began to outsource much of this work myself to individual writers I found online on  Fiver, PPH etc and at times it was fine, and other times it was awful. Therefore I needed a resource to provide me with inexpensive quality content and I found 99centarticles.com.   They provide a quality content writing service and will save you time and effort plus help push your SEO rankings.

See Examples Below
Teeth Whitening
Mixed Articles
Five Camera Features
Different Types Of Additions

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Here Is A Quick Tip To Maximize Your Article Marketing Success.

You need to use your article more than once!

If you pay good money to have them written, then make sure you get full use of that article. While submitting the article to the main article directories you should be thinking of other ways to use the article!

  • Why not turn it into a video and get another backlink?

  • Rewrite it and submit it to Squidoo and Hubpages.

  • Turn it into a PDF and submit it to document sharing sites.

  • Turn it into a powerpoint and submit it again.

Now you’ve just multiplied your article marketing efforts by at least 5x and you’ll see more traffic and sales.

Be proactive!  The internet is very fast and to stay up with your competitors in the latest trends you must outsource while being proactive to find new and exciting techniques to turbo charge your profits.