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An active website and blog keep its audience updated and interested. Such sites have great and quality content that makes them rank high on search engine positions. With over 17 years experience in content writing for SEO, Ascension Business is the place to be if you want great content that will drive traffic to your site.

We deal in web content writing, ghostwriting, press release writing, blog posts, technical writing among other types of writing.

What Does Quality Content Entail?

Quality content is one that educates your audience, gives them the thirst to read more, grammatically correct and above all an original composition. These characteristics can be explained further as follows.

• Educative
Readers come to your site with the aim to get some information. If the content found there is not educative, then it is termed as trash by the visitor who comes to your site and they will leave having learned something, no matter how small it is.

• Interesting and entertaining
Nobody loves reading some dully written stuff. Content in your site should give the audience to continue reading. The point is, a writer may have great knowledge but fails to put it down in a way to attract readers. Superb information should match entertainment and interest. 

• Grammatically right
The biggest mistake website owners make is to upload content that is full of grammatical errors on their site. Honestly speaking, when a reader comes across grammatical errors on a site, the picture it paints in the reader’s mind is that the content is untrue. Quality content should have correct sentence structures, correct spellings, a logical flow of ideas, and proper use of tenses among other details. The level of language used should also match the target group.  A childrens related site cannot have the same language level as one aimed at doctors.


• Original composition
It is not only illegal to plagiarize work, but it also shows laziness (for lack of a better word). Uniqueness is importance. For instance, you have a website about fashion. How many more fashion websites are there on the web? Quite a number. To drive traffic to your site, readers need to see a different style of writing, new ideas, and new creativity; the feature that will set you aside from others.

• SEO appealing
Our content writing puts this information into consideration by creating content that readers will quickly find when they type certain words on the web. Our services aim at attracting the readers with informative content and the search engine spiders with particular keywords and phrases.


• Drive traffic to your site
Readers love sites that offer the information they are searching. Giving quality content that readers love will make them always come back to your site to see anything new that you have to offer. This traffic may not give you any monetary value but with time, these readers are likely to become your customers.

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• Educate your readers
The main reason for having a website or a blog is to give information to your readers. Content on the site tells the readers, who could be prospective customers, more about your services, who you are, your location and how your business operates.


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