Responsive Website Design

Responsive web design simply means a web design that responds to its environment. In this day and age, the number of devices and browsers invented are many.

A web design should be able to work with all types of devices that are web enabled. Ascension business has your interests at heart by providing great web designs that look great in all screens.

Why responsive web design?

Many web developers are now creating web designs that adapt to the environment they are linked. The reasons for coming up with the responsive web design are as follows:

Growth of mobile technology

The growth of mobile usage is on the high rise. Research shows that soon, mobile devices will be more than the number of people in the world. Developers have no other option but to create web designs that are adaptive to all these mobile devices.

moble growth

Internet growth

The Internet has grown at such high speed that no one expected. Just a few years ago the Internet belonged to the elite group, but today three quarters of the world’s population uses the internet.

Today however the rising majority of Internet users surf the web by using their mobile devices. This growth has given rise to web designs that will respond to all types of environment to give mobile users a chance to get in touch with the world. Google demand it of you and they are penalizing non mobile optimized websites. Remember its not about you! Its about the customer experience and if you fail to provide that, then you will face the wrath of Google.

Why choose Ascension Business to create your responsive web design?

Ascension Business is there for you to create a website design that is fully SEO optimized and will create a long-lasting online presence. Some of the reasons why you should give us a chance to create your responsive web design include.


Our responsive web design services are affordable to all who come to us. Our pricing depends on the type of design you want to get. Considering the long lasting online presence the site will have to your audience, our prices are way too fair.


The last 17 years have seen us growing stronger day by day because of the quality work we provide. We have an extremely experienced team that ensure only quality work is delivered to our client.


We work under our customers preferences but give advice when it is due. Every website is different and requires unique features. Our team will take the details of how you would like the site to appear. After this, the site will be customized according to your needs, and trust me, you will love it when you see it

As the world continues changing, Ascension Business changes with it. If you need a website built from scratch, remodeled or customized to your preference contact us and we will be glad to offer our quality services to you.

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